Just for Laughs 2017: Debra DiGiovanni @ Salle Claude Laveillee (Place des Arts) – July 28, 2017

DebraDiGiovanniRiseUpVoted Canada’s Best Female Comedian at the Canadian Comedy Awards and a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Debra DiGiovanni is as close to a sure thing as you are going to get in stand-up comedy. She’s become one of the most recognizable and successful Canadian women in the male dominated arena of stand-up comedy. You might also recognize her from television’s Video on Trial on MuchMusic or The Match Game or hosting the Genie Awards. In other words, she has done just about everything and been just about everywhere. Why? Because she is good at what she does – being funny. If you don’t find her funny go to the doctor immediately because you have obviously lost your funny bone.

Personable, highly relatable, a little crazy and manic, all these descriptive words go a long way towards describing her comedic style. Also it is delivered at 100 miles per hours. She literally works up a sweat on stage. Explaining to us that she had hurt her back recently DiGiovanni did most of her short 50 minute set while sitting on a stool. It did not really affect anything because of all the energy she brings.

Covering topics like her obsession with scary movies or television series involving murders, her twin sister, the crazy lady in her building, and being single, she had us all in stitches. Now, Salle Claude Laveillee is a rather intimate venue. Tiny actually. It holds maximum 80-100 people. So as a stand-up performer you best be good or else it is going to get very awkward very quickly. Right from the get go we all understood that we were in good hands. Upon taking the stage she joked about the early hour of the show (it started at 7 p.m.) stating that she had asked for the 3:30 slot but it was full and wondering if it was okay to be dirty before the sun went down. And that was only the beginning, the entire time she was on stage was filled with one joke after another hilarious one.

As opposed to earlier in her career, at times on stage she can get quite dirty. And that is fine. Hysterical for the most part. As she says these are just jokes and words. Political correctness has not place on a comedy stage according to this lady. She goes on to prove that you can be crass and funny. Comedy is a place where there should be very few boundaries.

Her entire set was peppered with phrases like “is it too soon?” or “Shut up! Are you kidding” or “Whatever” or “Now here’s something” to indicate she was moving on. No matter how mean or crass she got you still found yourself won over and laughing because a) she’s funny and b) she has that great big smile that is irresistible. Yes, a lot of her material hinges on the fact that she is large and single. But instead of going for the obvious within those categories she still manages to bring some fresh new laughs to the surface.

Tonight is the last night for her run of solo shows, so if you haven’t seen her yet what are you waiting for?

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