Tony Njoku – “Drifting Off in a Care Powered Balloon”

tony njokuTony Njoku is a British-Nigerian electronic music producer and songwriter from London. Raised in between Lagos and London the twenty-three year old has always been a frequent globetrotter with the breadth of his travels reflected in his music. His self-penned and produced songs have been described as ‘strikingly evocative soundscapes, managing to make even the shortest pop songs sound like epic adventures.’

After releasing his acclaimed debut album, ‘In Greyscale’ in 2016, Tony went on to win the 2016 Green Man Rising competition. Being chosen out of over 800 entries he went on to performance on the main stage at the Green Man Festival alongside the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Laura Marling and James Blake; His set was considered a festival highlight by many viewers including festival director, Fiona Stewart, and Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1).

Tony’s new single is a type of modern day folk-hymn. A nakedly untreated voice, carried on a bed of electronic artificiality, ‘Drifting Off In a Care Powered Balloon’ inhabits the same uncanny electroacoustic space which, in the technophilic / technophobic nature-music of Thom Yorke, proved so potently evocative of modern malaise. It’s a production coda, which services perfectly the theme of new beginnings, – beyond the strangling coil of an inexorable digital now – in a simple, unraveling aubade that ends gently in beautiful catastrophe.


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