All I Want for Christmas Is You – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

all i want for christmas is youRarely in the history of film has a song and subsequent illustrated kids’ book inspired a film. But this is Mariah Carey we are talking about so there should be no surprise. The woman seems the type to get things done! What Mariah wants, Mariah gets!

A cute puppy named Princess is waiting at the pet store to be adopted into a loving family. Along comes a young girl named Mariah (Breanna Yde – from television’s School of Rock) and once she sees Princess it clicks as to what she wants for Christmas. Her parents are less than convinced, though.

In order to prove she handle the responsibility of taking care of a pet, Mariah has to pet-sit her uncle’s dog, Jack (Dee Bradley Baker – from television’s American Dad!). Not going to be easy at all as Jack is a terribly behaved dog. The time leading up to Christmas become a proper mess as a result. Preparations go awry. Will Mariah prove herself capable of handling a four-legged responsibility?

One of the best modern day Christmas songs is All I Want for Christmas is You sung by the instantaneously recognizable Mariah Carey. Released in 1994 it has gone on to become quite an iconic holiday tune. So much so that it has now been adapted into an animated film. Mariah has built quite a cottage industry around the song, which she co-wrote.

As for the film itself, it is rather up and down. Some of the voice actors are great like Dee Bradley Baker and the young Mariah, Breanna Yde, are both highlights, but unfortunately a weak point is Mariah Carey. She just sounds like she is either very nervous and partially asleep. Another down is the animation. Several decisions made there are odd. Like the size of the characters’, especially the kids, head. Kinda creepy actually. A plus is the music. And I mean the music besides the Carey song. It is all kinds of holiday fun.

The epitome of a holiday family movie involving the season’s sentiments, fun, family, and animals. Might become a family tradition for many out there.

Special Features:


  • Digital Copy of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You
  • A Wish Come True: Making Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You


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