Doctor Who: The Complete Tenth Series – Blu-ray Edition

What else can be said about this British sci fi series? It has been running so long that should be testimony to its quality and fan appreciation alone. And when I say fan attachment I mean fervent. Fans of the series are big time fans noticing every detail and discussing it until they are blue in the face.

As opposed to other long running series they manage to keep things fresh here. This season the newish feel to it is because of the sparkling partnership between the 12th (!) Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) and his new companion Bill (played by Pearl Mackie). The introduction of the Bill character sets her off on really good footing. This will be the last season for the 12th Doctor and it is a good sendoff.

Besides that it continues to be well thought out and genuine. It also stays true to the show’s history despite the fact that there is a whole new slew of writers this season. They manage to keep things along the same vein while bringing plenty of entertainment and adventure. You get a good variety of the type of things the show does like multi-episode story arcs, stand alone episodes and great season finales.

This series contains the 12 episodes from the 10th season as well at the Christmas special, Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Special Features:


  • A New Kind of Superhero, in which we ask what it is about the Doctor that makes him so heroic
  • Special Christmas Doctor Who featurette, in which stars Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas, showrunner Steven Moffat, and many more give fans a very special inside look at the making of The Return of Doctor Mysterio
  • Inside Looks
  • Binaural audio for the ‘haunted house’ style episode “Knock Knock”




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