Dead Again in Tombstone – Blu-ray Edition

As much as I like Danny Trejo he does not have the acting talent to carry a film on his own. Which is pretty much what is asked of him in Dead Again in Tombstone. It seems like the perfect film for Trejo in that it is light on story and focuses on action yet it still disappointed.

The much anticipated sequel to Dead in Tombstone does not require you to have seen the original film to understand the second one. You can catch up rather quickly, trust me. The mixture of the Western and horror genres is interesting, but in this instance does not work.

Guerrero (Danny Trejo – Heat, From Dusk Till Dawn) is alive again. The man who does the Devil’s bidding is not someone who can be killed. This time though his job, which involves his daughter Alicia (Elysia Rotaru – from the television series Arrow), falls in the good guy category. He is to protect a stolen relic from falling into the hands of a nefarious gang led by Colonel Jackson Boomer (Jake Busey – from television’s Ray Donovan). Important because this artifact can cause hell on Earth.

For fans of the original film who came to this one all excited thinking it was another opportunity to have fun with a Western and Trejo it must have been quite a discouraging watch. The script is a complete mess. Several plot points are either woefully underdeveloped or others are completely dropped. There is an attempt by the actors to bring some drama into it all and that also falls flat. Even the action is boring so I do not know if there are any redeeming qualities to be had here.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Resurrecting the Western: The Making of Dead Again in Tombstone

-Home in Tombstone: Danny Trejo as Guerrero

-Deleted Scenes Montage

-Feature Commentary With Director Roel Reine, Editor Raud Ion, Director of Photography Rolf Dekens, Co-writer Ehtan Wiley and Grid VFX CEO Jan Goossen

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