Mr. Pong – “Lost Without You”

Montreal’s Mr. Pöng is something like you’ve never heard or seen before. Drawing inspiration from genres such as; Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Calypso, Soca, Jazz, and RnB, this performer will leave you intrigued and wanting more. “I have been playing the Steelpan since the age of 9, usually with a band, but I started as a Steelpan soloist out of desperation…. I decided I’d take a chance and bring my Steelpan into the metros to make some money. The reception was like nothing I could have expected and I’m so happy that I took the risk. I haven’t looked back since.” – Mr. Pöng.

This cover album is a preview of what he has to offer as an artist and an ambassador of the Steelpan. “I want the album to be a precursor to original tracks…” says Mr. Pöng. With the first single (a re-creation of Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without U”) Mr. Pöng wants listeners to get a sense of his creativity, he wants to give listeners a taste of how he can take a song, recreate it, and make it my own. As a soloist, he has full control over how he wants to interpret or recreate a song, he often allows spaces for a solo on a track so that he can express his creatively – a time to breathe, express, translate.

“The album will be a vibrant journey into the mind of a passionate artist, with different soundscapes, rhythms, and melodies. It’s a journey through different genres, different eras, and different feelings, while showcasing my skills with the instrument, and its sweet, intriguing tones.” – Mr. Pöng

He wants this album to be proof of his potential as a solo artist and give something for his supporters to hold on to as he works on original tracks. “I want to create opportunities for future cross-disciplinary collaborations…I want to take the opportunity to prove to listeners and supporters that the Steelpan should be recognized in the mainstream….I also want to do my part in advancing the instrument, along with Steelpan Culture, by easing the minds of anyone who feels the Steelpan is not ready for the mainstream.” This artist’s goal is to not to be only seen as a “Steelpan Artist” but being recognized simply as an artist, period. With this being his first professional release, there can only be more to expect from this amazing up and comer.

Have played with artists / bands such as:


Collaborated with a World Pop artist “Auresia”

The “Kalmunity Vibe Collective”

“Takeyce-Ti & The Reggae Funkers”










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