Billy Connolly: High Horse Tour Live

Filmed during his sell-out UK tour, this is not a man whose mind has been dulled any by what his body has gone through. Comedian/actor/musician Billy Connolly has had it tough of late. He has not only had to deal with being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but also had to battle against prostate cancer. That has not diminished this 72-year-old’s razor sharp sense of humour. Lord he is funny! And that is on full display here.

The first live stand up release from Connolly since 2011. He isn’t afraid to address his illness or get a laugh out of it. Not surprising since his comedic style has always leaned on honesty and been unflinching. Will always discuss anything that is on his mind. If you are not familiar with this guy then where have you been? Dry as the Sahara desert, his style has never really changed. Whenever you watch him perform the crown melts away and it feels like it is just you and him having a discussion over a beer. The wit comes effortlessly. You begin to understand why he has inspired many a younger stand-up comedian.

Though because of the Parkinson’s he does not move around the stage like he used to, there is still a crackly energy to everything he does. His stories are hilarious. Being mistaken by Scottish police for a drug dealer and mistaking a sun bathing cat for one run over by a car. Some nice examples of bits he has been doing during his 50-odd year career.

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