South Park: The Complete Ninth Season – Blu-ray Edition

The long running animated series centers around 4 young boys who live in the small town of South Park in the state of Colorado. Stan, Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny are grade school boys who have their share of adventures alongside the dysfunctional residents of South Park. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have succeeded in making an animated series which is cool with young people and successful. Everything subject that they undertake is done on the edge of good taste and television censors. Sometimes…uh, o.k. often it even goes over the edge, but that’s what makes it cool.

Episode 1: Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina: Mr. Garrison is now a Miss.

Episode 2: Die Hippie, Die: When some hippies come to town it is up to Cartman to get rid of them.

Episode 3: Wing: When the boys start their own talent agency Token is the first client they go after.

Episode 4: Best Friends Forever: Kenny buying a new game console leads to the usual – him dying and the not-so-usual – him helping Heaven beat Hell.

Episode 5: The Losing Edge: Not in the mood to play baseball all summer, the boys try to come up with a way to lose.

Episode 6: The Death Of Eric Cartman: Cartman is convinced he is dead as no one seems to be able to see him other than Butters.

Episode 7: Erection Day: There are parts of growing up that Jimmy does not understand.

Episode 8: Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow: Because of Stan and Cartman Beaver Dam breaks and a town is flooded.

Episode 9: Marjorine: In order to spy on the girls, the boys fake Butters’ death and then dress him up like a girl so he can infiltrate.

Episode 10: Follow That Egg: The boys and girls are paired off at school to be parents to an egg. The pairings cause tension.

Episode 11: Ginger Kids: The others try to teach Cartman a lesson about making fun of people.

Episode 12: Trapped In The Closet: After Stan scores high on a Scientology test the Scientologists believe he is the reincarnation of the founder.

Episode 13: Free Willzyx: The boys are tricked into believing a killer whale can talk and is from the moon. They all try to get the whale back to the moon.

Episode 14: Bloody Mary: Stan’s father, who is an alcoholic, hears of a statue that bleeds and believes that it can cure him of his alcoholism.

Special Features:

-Mini-commentaries on each episode by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone

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