De père en flic 2 – Blu-ray Edition

As much as I figured it would be painful to watch this film, I ended up rather enjoying myself. It is funny. Not intelligent, but still made me laugh. It’s sole purpose in life.

The therapy group for fathers and sons they infiltrated a few years back does not seem to have helped Marc (Louis-José Houde – Bon Cop Bad Cop, Ca Sent la Coupe) and his dad Jacques (Michel Côté – Cruising Bar 2, C.R.A.Z.Y.), both cops, are not getting along at all. This is not great as they have to work together. Trouble as they can barely be in the same room together.

Marc doubly has his hands full as his relationship with his girlfriend/colleague Alice (Karine Vanasse -Polytechnique, X-Men: Days of Future Past) is on thin ice. Alice is fed up with Marc being there, but not there. He is so without a clue that he does not even realize that his relationship is in trouble. That is because he is preoccupied with his father and their butting of heads.

All this relationship and family stuff has to be put aside when a case crops up. A case that involves mafia boss, Normand Massarelli (Vittorio Rossi – Omerta, la loi du silence, The Walk). In order to get him the police have decided to go through his hitman, Martin Germain (Patrice Robitaille – Cheech, Quebec – Montreal). And it will involve father and son working together infiltrating another therapy group.

This time the therapy group is for couples. Couples in trouble. Martin and his girlfriend, Pascale (Julie LeBreton – Starbuck, The Rocket), are going to the group as Pascale is upset after finding out Martin has cheated on her. Marc and Alice will go as a couple while Jacques will be an assistant to the head psychologist. They are going to try to gain Martin’s trust and get him to confess about what he does for Massarelli.

The first De père en flic was a huge hit, so it is not surprising they made a second. It is not necessary to have seen the first film to enjoy this one. No serious catching up is needed. Emile Gaudreault (Mambo Italiano, Nuit de Noces) is back as director and co-screenwriter. It is obvious that the idea behind this is that if is ain’t broke don’t fix it. The wheel is not being reinvented here. Second verse is same as the first.

It might even be better than the first film. Jokes rarely miss while the acting is better this time around. Houde is doing better as Marc. Less wooden. He has a new romantic interest and Vanasse is a better actress than girlfriend number one.

Yes, the story is completely predictable and the story is pretty much a carbon copy of the first. But the film still entertains throughout.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy


-Capsules Web

-Photo Gallery

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