Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies

Director Mark Newton’s (Hit Team, City of Darkness) film has to be judged as you would a low budget B movie. Even with these lower standards this is quite a mess. Yes, I have taken in that the director and film would have less money resulting in less time and less access to higher level make-up and special effects and still you come away with a film that has precious few redeeming qualities about it.

Kudzu, a vine native to Asia, has been introduced to the Southeastern United States as a fodder crop along with an attempt to control erosion. The vine, which comes with its reputation of being hard to kill, grows really fast. That sounds all well and good until it becomes apparent that Kudzu is choking off live wherever it spreads. It begins destroying power lines, buildings and native plants.

Lonnie (Timothy Haug – Fake) works part time as a crop duster as well as an assistant to meat pie maker, Ed Nelson (Escalante Lundy – Django Unchained). In his crop duster job he has been spraying his hometown Charleston, MS crop of Kudzu with an experimental chemical being developed by Dr. Klein (Miles Doleac – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, The Magnificent 7 – 2016) and Dr. Fukushima (Kiyoma Fukazawa – The Lost Samurai, Elevator). All seems to be going well until it isn’t.

Three friends wander through the back woods to the house of local drug grower Creighton (Bruce Penton – Campin’ Buddies) looking to steal some weed. After kicking in the front door, they not only find his stash, but also that Creighton is dead. Or so they think. He actually isn’t and attack and bites Asher (Scotty Whitehurst – from television’s Star Trek Continues). It is not your typical bite and Asher’s health steadily declines.

This is just the beginning and a zombie outbreak begins. More and more zombies are being created and start attacking townsfolk. Lonnie leads a ragtag group of people trying to get away from all this with their lives.

The dialogue is rather laughable. Without meaning to be. The acting is either wooden or over the top. The zombie attacks are silly and unbelievable due to their phoney nature. Storyline is rather muddled. When not being silly. The result is that you are not left with many positives to cling to.

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