Christina Custode’s New Single – “Light Of Day”

Christina Custode (Cus-tō- dē) is a Grammy Recording Academy Artist and multi-award winning singer songwriter and pianist currently based out of Niagara Falls, NY. Her first EP (2011) sold out all physical CDs within the first 10 months of release. The project, which consisted of eight songs (all music and lyrics written and arranged by Christina Custode) put Custode on the singer/songwriter map and heralded as an excellent start to a long and promising career.  Custode is a graduate from the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York (BM ’10, MA ’14). Custode has released 3 singles from her current project. The project consists of original songs written and performed by Custode and produced by the legendary Stuart Epps (Elton John, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin). The first single from this project titled “Fire” was released August 2015, followed by “All For Her” in August 2016, and “High Water” which was released in March 2017.  She looks forward to her next release.


Christina is a force to be reckoned with on the stage. Bringing her songs, stories and sass to each performance, she is a dynamic performer who is effortless in various performance settings. Christina brings her songs to life through engaging stories and witty banter while her musicianship shines. She is heavily influenced by songwriting greats such as Billy Joel, Jewel and John Lennon and has been referred to as “the Carole King of her Generation”.


Custode’s music is current, honest, and soaked with the musical integrity the artist upholds in all of her musical endeavors. In her upcoming release “Light of Day”, Custode tells the story of an evening that changed the relationship between two people forever. The song documents the events of that night, which lead to a lifetime friendship being pushed apart. It is a true to life depiction and candidly tells the details of that evening.

Recommended for fans of : Norah Jones, Sarah McLaughlin, Sara Bareilles, Christina Perri, Adele,
James Bay



Marvin Hamlisch and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra , Chuck Mangione, Lew Soloff, and Pat LaBarbera (Jerry Neiwood Tribute Concert).









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