Truth or Dare

Nothing new. Nothing especially good either. And yet I found myself enjoying my watch of Truth or Dare. I know most out there will think I have finally lost my mind. Now, to qualify things, I am not saying this is the best film, but it is certainly far from the worst film I have seen. Fun for the 100 minutes it lasts to be quickly forgotten soon after.

Besties Olivia (Lucy Hale – from television’s Pretty Little Liars) and Markie (Violett Beane – from television’s The Flash) decide to go to Mexico on their last spring break together. Friends, Penelope (Sophia Ali – from television’s Grey’s Anatomy) and Brad (Hayden Szeto – The Edge of Seventeen), and boyfriends (Lucas (Tyler Posey – from television’s Teen Wolf) and Tyson (Nolan Gerard Funk – from television’s Awkward.), all pile into an SUV and cross the border for some sun, fun and booze.

On their last evening there, Olivia is rescued from creep Ronnie (Sam Lerner – from television’s The Goldbergs) by Carter (Landon Liboiron – from television’s Frontier). Not wanting the night to end, Carter and Olivia convince the rest of the group to move on to another party after the bar they are at closes. Olivia’s friends are hesitant, but she finally wins them over.

It turns out the party is not really one, but just drinking at an abandoned former convent. Soon Carter has the group playing Truth or Dare. Upon returning home and to their lives the group of friends begin to realize that the game has not stopped. It continues with deadly consequences. Now it is up to whomever survives to try and put an end to it.

Blumhouse is the company responsible for the uber popular pseudo horror film Get Out from last year. They are back again with Truth or Dare. It is a low budget teen horror film that should in no way be put in the same category as or judged the same way as Get Out. It is more along the lines of other Blumhouse films like Happy Death Day and Ouija.

It is hard to imagine how those behind the film thought that the pretty simple idea behind the game Truth or Dare would be enough to build a film upon. That being said those of you out there who enjoyed the Final Destination films will happily dive into this one. Despite all its flaws (uneven acting, silliness, repetitiveness) there is a certain charm to Jeff Wadlow’s (Kick Ass 2, Never Back Down) film. You have to seriously suspend belief throughout in order to get any enjoyment, but if you can there is a payoff. Some of the twists and turns are fun. Surprisingly there are some interesting moral issues brought into the weak script that deal with being loyal and selfless. Genre fans will appreciate most of what happens here.

The ending, which is not really an ending, is typical of films of this type. They are obviously hoping for a franchise here, people. It will be up to us whether that happens or not. Act accordingly.

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