Nolton Lake – Anahata

Nolton Lake to launch his debut album at Quai des Brumes on May 16 

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May 16, 2018
Quai des Brumes
4873 Saint-Laurent Blvd. | Montreal
5-à-7 | Free
Self-taught multi-instrumentalist Nolton Lake’s sonic purity channels his inured passion for travel. Having  grown up in Vietnam and subsequently walked the four corners of the earth, his music defines cultural diversity with ethnic influences reproduced on an array of instruments like the sitar, ukulele, Tibetan bowls, slide guitar, mandolin and tablas. His incredible travel encounters in India, Nepal, China, Costa Rica and across Europe strongly influence the pieces comprising Anahata.

Built on honesty and simplicity, Anahata is a public invitation to take part in Nolton Lake’s universe and to consider his sight-line onto local cultural differences observed during his travels. He also channels other personal  through sensitive and intimate texts like “Love and Friends” and “Feel of Years”.

After having recorded and released two albums as the singer and guitarist in Montreal rock group NAVIR, with which he won first prize at the 2017 MusiQualité contest and played diverse venues including a number in New York, Nolton Lake took the decision to tell his personal story via this project and this album.

Punctuated by organic compositions delivering a subtle and textured rendering, this one-of-a-kind project offers a new vision of humanity and aims to be a message of harmony between people. An invitation to a voyage, Anahata is a musical adventure that one takes in as one reads a novel.

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