Kastrup – “Joanne”

Named after the former Copenhagen airport, Swedish synth duo Kastrup represent the spirit of escapism, the moniker coming from the saying “why don’t we just jump out here at Kastrup station and get the first plane away from here.”

Influenced by the likes of Tove Styrke, Skott and George Fitzgerald, the band are made up of songwriter Timmie Strandberg and studio wizard Puppe Westberg. Their debut EP’s title ‘In Search Of Us’ alludes to their journey as songwriters finding their sound, but also tells the story of a young couple that can never seem to understand each other. The recordings were co-produced by Tobias Ekqvist (Hurricane Love).

Kastrup’s melancholic pop has connected with international audiences and critics, seeing them top the Swedish National radio chart for unsigned artists for over a month with their ballad ‘Thieves’. The track was picked up by Samsung and the accompanying visuals were nominated for Video Of The Year at the Manifest awards. Along the way they’ve supported Grammy-winners such as Little Jinder and spent their spare time writing for other artists in UK, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

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