Catlow creates a world where hauntingly luscious vocals layer over spacey guitar hooks and bursting synth beats, anchored by heartbeat-powered bass lines. Each song is a culmination of spellbinding tales, that mesmerizes the listener into a stormy depth of emotion hidden amongst insightful verses and rich beats. Their latest offering Main of Nowhereis about being in the seemingly main part of your life but at times, moving forward and growing seems like you’re getting nowhere,” shares lead vocalist Natasha Thirsk. “It was years of personal trauma and health issues, mental illness and trying to get better and taking hold of what heals me the most…MUSIC.”

Recorded in Vancouver and in L.A, on Main of Nowhere, Catlow stays true to their Indie Alt-Rock roots with tracks like lead single “Scrapes” and “A Moment Passes By”, yet with songs like “My Sun” they also start to move out of their comfort zone exploring a new era of Catlow in the form of twangy Alt-Country music, reminiscent of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.

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