The L Word: Final Season

I was sad to see this show end as it had been mine and many others guilty pleasure for several years. It is always hard to wrap up a series and especially so when you have one with so many main characters. It looks beautiful, the women look beautiful and it is wonderfully acted.

The sixth and final season of The L Word tries to wrap up all the romances and problems in a bow. Unfortunately, with a series like this that is a tall order. The last season is poorly done and feels rushed. It was a disappointing way to say goodbye to these women.

Episode 1: Long Night’s Journey Into Day: Helena (played by Rachel Shelley) and Kit (played by Pam Grier) party it up as owners of the new club Hit.

Episode 2: Least Likely: Tasha (played by Rose Rollins) and Alice (played by Leisha Hailey) give couples counseling a whirl.

Episode 3: LMFAO: Bette (played by Jennifer Beals) keeps having trouble at work with Jodi (played by Marlee Matlin)

Episode 4: Leaving Los Angeles: Tasha and Alice set Helena up on a blind date.

Episode 5: Litmus Test: Jenny (played by Mia Kirschner) sells another movie script the only problem being is that it is very similar to someone else’s work.

Episode 6: Lactose Intolerant: Jenny throws a big baby shower for Max (played by Daniela Sea).

Episode 7: Last Couple Standing: Hit hosts a dance marathon for charity.

Episode 8: Last Word: Bette and Tina (played by Laurel Holloman) prepare for their new life in New York.

Special Features:

-11th Annual Women’s Event of the New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

-L Word Generations

-Photos from Jennifer Beals

-Gay American Heroes

-Read a Chapter from “I’ll Scream Later” by Marlee Matlin

-Photo Gallery


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