Thoroughbreds – Blu-ray Edition

Good suspense in films is usually due to restraint on the part of the script and cast. This describes to a T what goes on with Thoroughbreds. Directed and written by Cory Finley (first film), things are rather understated yet with plenty of darkness lingering beneath the surface. While this is far from a perfect film there is still plenty to like about it.

Odd though that when the film was out in cinema it seemed to be marketed as a comedy and while there is some of the deadpan variety it most certainly is not a comedy. Rather this is an oddball suspense film. A teenage aimed film noir of sorts.

Two teenage girls living in suburban Connecticut have grown apart over the years. Now Amanda’s (Olivia Cooke – Ouija, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) mom has reached out to Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy – Split, Morgan) to get her to tutor Amanda. Though they are now very different a strange kind of friendship is struck up once again. The two become even closer when Lily confides to Amanda about how much she hates he stepdad, Mark (Paul Sparks – from television’s House of Cards). What starts off as a hesitant query becomes a full fledged plan. Lily and Amanda plot to kill Mark. Soon a hitman named Tim (Anton Yelchin – Green Room, Star Trek), a knife, a gun, an alibi, Rohypnol, and someone is framed for Mark’s death.

A problem with the film is the pace it plods forward at. It seems to be a deliberate tactic by the director, but instead of amping up your interest in the proceedings it, at times, lulls you to sleep. Different is good though I don’t like when it feels like the aim is to be “different” or seen as odd as that diminishes  the realism of it all. While some others might feel that it is all just pretentious schlock. Definitely a film which will divide audience members into “I hated it” or “I loved it” groups.

I am one of the rare ones who would fall right in the middle thinking it was an okay film. I enjoyed the dark elements of the film and that it is not your typical teenage tripe. Human nature and the dark side are examined in a rather interesting way. Varying between disturbing and touching, the film did hold my attention for the most part and had me invested in the outcome.

Special Features


  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Look of Thoroughbreds
  • Character Profiles
  • Digital Copy


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