The Leo Star Electric Band – “Soft & Gentle”

South London trio The Leo Star Electric Band consist of Chris, TJ and Daniel, who’s mission is to create ‘f-ked up pop songs for the masses’. The band’s sound incorporates elements of Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and The Melvins – wall of noise guitars are interlaced with pounding drums and angst-ridden vocal hooks.

Having previously supported the likes of Melt Banana and The Red In Sophie Loren(Dev from Blood Orange), the three childhood friends have become infamous for their raucous live sets. After destroying the stage at one of their shows they were accused of ruining Christmas by Stevie Wonders’ manager, Keith Harris. They’ll also do whatever it takes to make it to a gig, using forged passports to get to a show in Paris.

On their debut single ‘Soft & Gentle’, produced by Tim Cedar (Part Chimp) the band use their songwriting to deal with pain and the often-difficult realities of life. Lead vocalist and bassist Chris tells us “I was listening to a lot of Jesu at the time and liked the idea of a pop song that has a really oppressive feeling to it. It’s an ode to all the people we’ve loved and lost”.

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