Piglet’s Big Movie: Anniversary Edition – Blu-ray Edition

Disney’s latest Winnie the Pooh DVD, the newly released Piglet’s Big Movie is about being little but doing big things.

When the movie begins, Pooh and his friends are working o n a scheme to get honey out of a beehive by luring the bees out of their home and having them fly into a new hive that the gang made for them. When Piglet offers to help, he is told that this is a very big plan, too big for Piglet, maybe next time when the plan is smaller or Piglet is bigger. When the beehive plan goes awry, Piglet saves the day, but nobody gives him any credit.

Piglet can’t wait to be big. He thinks only big people are needed, appreciated and useful. When Pooh and friends can’t find Piglet, they look through his scrapbook to find clues about where he could be.  A look through the scrapbook brings back memories of all the brave deeds Piglet accomplished yet received no appreciation for. Piglet is the hero of every story in the scrapbook. This makes the friends of Hundred Acre Wood realize how brave their friend Piglet really is.

Children watching this film will learn several important lessons relating to friendship and to always tell the people you care about how you feel while you have the chance. Reliving all the memories from the scrapbook makes them appreciate all the great things Piglet did and what it really means to be big. The Hundred Acre Wood is a better place thanks to all the friends who come in different shapes and sizes, its how you treat others that counts.

The anniversary edition includes many bonus features children will enjoy.

  • “Piglet’s Big Book of Memories” Game
  • “The World According to Piglet”
  • Sing-Along Track


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