12 Monkeys: Season Three – Blu-ray Edition

A sci fi series for people who are not typically fans of the genre. That is because of the strong story involved. It is creative and involves plenty of imagination. You do have to keep your wits about you as there are plenty of twists. At times dense and complex; it does ask for brain power from the viewer. Plus there is time traveling!

Even if you did not like the film starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt you might still like this version of the story. Seasons one and two were good, but three is even better. You can binge watch the show and even watch multiple times as there will be more and more things you will notice if you do watch a couple of times.

Both James Cole (played by Aaron Stanford) and Cassandra Railly (played by Amanda Schull) are on the hunt for the man who started the apocalypse. All they know is that he is a time traveler called the Witness. If they manage to kill him then they will save everyone. The voyage to find him will not be a simple one and both will put plenty at risk while undertaking it.

This season several previously smaller characters step to the forefront. No real heroes here rather plenty of anti-heroes. Characters which are realistic due to their flawed nature. Everything exists in the gray area with no black or white nature to anyone.

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