Grammy nominated Bernhoft & the Fashion Bruises embrace human connection on new single, “Humanoid”

Grammy Award-nominated Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Jarle Bernhoft is releasing new single ‘Humanoid’ from the upcoming album of the same name (released August 24th). Recorded at Oslo Klang, Norway, this is Bernhoft’s fourth full-length and his first in new incarnation Bernhoft & the Fashion Bruises. Jarle could be found behind the producer’s desk as well as in the recording booth.

The album is an attempt to reconnect with humanity in a world marred by overuse of technology, both lyrically and instrumentally. Bernhoft tells us that “so much current music is computerized and machinelike. I felt like I should go the other way and create human music again. It’s imperative to keep in touch with organic life, so I dove into those soundscapes. I rediscovered that touch. I’m trying to smash people out of Facebook and back into real life.”

Recorded as a full band, the record unlocks a soulful spirit buoyed by simmering R&B grooves and powerful pop hooks. In assembling this bold, bright, and brilliant body of work, the artist surveyed the landscape and made a conscious decision to go against the grain.

“It says something about the man-and-machine relationship,” he admits. “I’m not sure whether to be optimistic about it or not. You’ll see people at dinner or in a café staring at their screens and not acknowledging each other. I’m thinking of how we interact, talk to each other, and whether or not we’re enhancing our lives or amputating them with these interfaces we use. I’m trying to find people, but I can’t see them behind their screens.”

As well as being nominated for a Grammy for Best RnB Album, Bernhoft has appeared on US TV shows such as Ellen and Conan as well as receiving praise from The Guardian, Rolling Stone, NPR, USA Today and more.


Humanoid is available everywhere on August 24th

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