Montreal International Film Festival 2018 – It Keeps Hanging On!

Though many have predicted (and maybe even wished for) its death, the Montreal International Film Festival (FFM) lives on. Founded in 1977 it is one of the oldest film festivals in Canada. The man behind the festival remains the same. Serge Losique at 88 years of age is probably not doing as much on the ground floor as he did in the beginning, but he remains the driving force. Divisive to say the least, say what you will about the guy, he has shown his dedication by remaining on board for 42 years.

It has stayed true to its mandate of diversity with films from all over the world. Though there are fewer films being screened than there have been in the past you can still view films from countries like China, Switzerland, Hungary, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, France, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Macedonia, Slovakia, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, and Greece.

The World Film Festival is organised in various sections:

  • World Competition (features and shorts)
  • First Fiction Films Competition (features)
  • Out of Competition (features)
  • Focus on World Cinema (features and Shorts)
  • Documentaries of the World (features, medium-length films, shorts)
  • Chinese Film Festival/Chinese Student Film Festival
  • Cinema Under the Stars
  • Student Film Festival (Canadian and international shorts)
  • World Greats (out of competition)

On their website they have written:


– You love high quality cinema on the big screen
– You want to watch movies from all around the world
– You are open to cultural diversity
– You love to attend movie premieres and form your own judgment
– You don’t want to miss movies that will never open commercially
– You like to see directors and actors who are presenting their movies
– You love to travel and see how other people live
– You think that  knowledge of other cultures makes people more tolerant
– You love the sound of different languages and accents musicality

Additional Information:

-Dates:  August 23 – September 3, 2018

-Venues:  Imperial Cinema and Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin


-Ticket Purchase:  At the box offices of the Imperial Cinema or Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin

-Ticket Prices:


6 COUPONS: 74 $

PASSPORT (only for Imperial Cinema): 200 $

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