Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season

Final season. Sadness. There hasn’t been another series like Chuck. One that combines action and comedy this way. It was loads of fun while it lasted. It only lasted for five seasons due to its rabid fans. A couple of times the show was pretty much or actually cancelled a couple of times and fans using social media and buying Subway subs got the show back on.

Chuck (played by Zachary Levi) et al. are no longer with the CIA, so he and love Sarah Walker (played by Yvonne Strahovski), muscles John Casey (played by Adam Baldwin), and…well…his best friend Morgan Grimes (played by Joshua Gomez) have started their own spy agency – Carmichael Industries. As time goes on, money gets tight and missions remain as dangerous as ever, so Chuck and Sarah decide to leave the business for one that is safer as they are thinking of their future and kids, etc.

Of course, getting out of it will be easier said than done. Plus there is still that sticky issue of the Intersect still being out there and loads of bad guys wanting to get their hands on it.

Plenty is packed into the final season. Maybe even a little too much. The series goes a little everywhere. Scattered in all directions. Sometimes it is hard to keep it all straight. I think the writers got a little excited and maybe daunted by ending the series. Trying to come up with an ending that will please all fans. There are the usual heart, humour and charm, though.

The 13 episodes went by really quickly. Too quickly! I am sure now that it is all over I will suffer from Chuck withdrawals. Crossing my fingers there will be a redux a la 24, Gilmore Girls and Will & Grace.

Special guests this season include Carrie Anne Moss, Rebecca Romijn, Brandon Routh, Stan Lee, Bo Derek, and Linda Hamilton.

Special Features:

-Sandwiches and Superfans: The Saving of a Show

-Declassified Scenes

-Buy More Commercial: Big Mike

-Buy More Commercial: Captain Awesome

-Scoring the World of Chuck

-Chuck Versus the Final Episode

-Extended Version of Chuck Versus the Goodbye

-Chuck: The Beginnings

-Chuck: The Future

-Gag Reel

-Chuck Versus Sarah Commentary

-Chuck Versus the Goodbye Commentary

-Goodbye, Buy More


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