YUL Eat Festival 2018

Food and drink. That is what YUL EAT is all about. The enjoyment and creativity involved. It will all be there for you to sample and learn about. A great way to spend the Labour Day weekend.

The cool name comes from the three letters for Montreal’s airport – YUL – and EAT stands for:

  • E stands for Experience
  • A stands for Appetite
  • T stands of Terroir

It all began in the 2014 at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life and grew to the point where they moved it to Quai de l’Horloge at the Old Port of Montreal. This year it once again moves to Société des arts technologiques (SAT) on St. Laurent. Within this funky space there will be 30 stations set up featuring food by some of the top chefs in this famously foodie city. Besides the food there will also be beverages at the stations like beer, wine and hard alcohol. To top it off there will also be workshops, masterclasses and food demos.

A couple of satellite special events will be taking place on and off site including Destination Caraibes which will feature DJs, musicians, food and drink. ITHQ 50th x 5th YUL EAT Dinner to celebrate ITHQ’s (Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec) 50th anniversary will be a five course dinner entitled From Forage to Feast. Food Core at PHI Centre involving a collaboration between a chef and a scholar. Finally, at the Redpath Market there will be outdoor events taking place involving mini-conferences and food demos. Food tastings, food trucks and themed bars will be there.

Additional Information:

-Dates:  September 10-16, 2018

-Venues:  Société des arts technologiques (SAT)

Website:  www.festivalyuleat.com

-Ticket Purchase:  www.evenko.ca

-Ticket Prices:  Le Parcours Gourmand – $86.23

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