Share Her Journey @ TIFF

TIFF 2018 has pledged to bring light to women in the film industry – the underrepresentation, the sexual assault and harrassment, etc. It has not only stated this, but put its time and effort behind this pledge. 200 newly accredited journalists include women, 35% of films beings screened this year and the Share Her Journey rally. A rally that will focus on the #MeToo and #AfterMeToo movements. Today that rally happened with a multitude of speakers like actresses Geena Davis, Mia Kirshner and Amanda Brugel along with Keri Putnam (the executive director of Sundance film festival) and Cathy Schulman (president and CEO of Welle Entertainment). There was also a concert afterwards with performances by Molly Johnson and Shakura S’Aida.

These women and the people in attendance want to see a real change in the film industry for women and were speaking out about it. Here is Mia Kirshner’s speech from Share Her Journey:




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