Nick Ferrio – “How Will I Know”



If “I Don’t Know How Long” was a political song, I guess “How Will I Know” is a philosophical song; it’s about my relationship with music and thinking about why I’m drawn to make it, especially in today’s day and age, with the music industry changing. I’m asking myself a series of questions throughout the song: why am I drawn to do this? Is this my work? It brings me such joy, but is it work? Is music still worth something?


We’ve all heard over and over again about how the music industry is in the pits and how, culturally, music isn’t as valuable as it once was. I definitely agree that the industry part is changing, but I don’t necessarily think music has lost its value. I guess the nagging question in this song is – does music have consequences in the lives of listeners? Is music still worth something? The answer to that is yes, music has the power to transform, to give meaning, to create connection, to make change. Ultimately, that music is powerful. And because of that, music will survive whatever happens to the music industry.



I made the video for “How Will I Know” on a tour we did from Ontario to the Maritimes last winter. So much of the song is questioning what the point is of making music and so, for the video, I wanted to illustrate how much of being in a band, in Canada, in the wintertime especially, isn’t playing music but it’s the day to day activities – driving, driving, eating, sleeping and more driving. I think the secret is finding joy in those activities that makes the choice to be a musician worthwhile. I mean, I could’ve picked a normal job, but where’s the fun in that?






Tour Dates:

September 29 @ Rialto Hall (POP Montreal)Montreal, QC

October 5 @ Pressed – Ottawa, ON
October 6 @ 12CAT Arts Collective – Kingston, ON

October 11 @ This Ain’t Hollywood (w/ Ford Pier) – Hamilton, ON

October 13 @ The Buguiling Books & Art – Toronto, ON

October 14 @ The Townehouse – Sudbury, ON


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