Kim Barlow – “Whitehorse”

Whitehorse is a very personal song about youth, change, letting go. I lived in the Yukon for twenty years. Twenty. Years. I didn’t plan to stay so long. Like most people I met there, I went on a whim one summer and got drawn in. It is an intense, wild, gorgeous, scrappy place and I made all my best friends for life there. “We grew up tough and bent together/ figured it would stay like this forever”. I moved back to Nova Scotia with husband and babies because it was time to be closer to family, and because I love it here, too. In the blur of life since we left, I haven’t had time for closure or reflection. Sometimes when I sing this song that I wrote, I cry because it all hits me. Imagine, crying at my own song, but there you have it.

Whitehorse is a love song for this massive body of land that we criss-cross for work or wanderlust. We break our hearts with the vastness of it, when we realize it’s impossible now to always be near the ones we love.

Some of Eastern Canada’s best jazz, pop and folk musicians play on this record. Mark Adam on drums, keys and vocals, Nicholas D’Amato on bass, Joel Leblanc on electric guitar, Heather Kelday & Chris Luedecke on vocals, and Toronto guitarist Justin Haynes.

The distinctive and charming voice of Old Man Luedecke is featured on Daily A-Growing and he sang backups on Not My Little Baby and String Bean.

Producer & engineer Mark Adam has a new studio in the Gaspereau, NS. He has great ears and skillz, and we both like a stew of experimental, folk and pop music. We had a lot of fun building some wild sounds in the straw-bale barn studio.

Marcus Paquin in Montreal mixed the album. He has mixed The Barr Brothers, the National, Hey Rosetta!, Little Scream, Timbre Timber, Arcade Fire, etc. etc. He is very, very good at what he does. He brought great ideas and energy to the material and made bold, creative mixes.


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