Created in 2005 by the Fabienne Colas Foundation, the Montreal International Black Film Festival (MIBFF) is currently the largest Canadian film festival entirely dedicated to black realities from around the world. It aims to offer the public the most spectacular productions in black cinema and debate the great cultural, social, and socio-economic issues facing society. The MIBFF’s goal is to promote the development of the independent film industry and showcase more films depicting black realities around the world. The festival seeks to prioritize local and international films that do not necessarily come under the spotlight, a new cinema that moves its audience and raises awareness – and a few eyebrows. In so doing, the MIBFF addresses issues and showcases art that makes you think and smile, provokes, bewilders, and shocks you – a new, fresh look at black cinema from all four corners of the globe!

The Montreal International Black Film Festival team (MIBFF) is pleased to unveil the programming for its 14th year, which will be held from September 25 to 30, 2018 and includes 72 films from 25 countries to inspire audiences to see the world differently and take action!

MIBFF is also thrilled to welcome back Spike Lee for the 3rd time as an honourary guest; this time for an intimate conversation where festival-goers get to hear the Academy Award winning director discuss his journey as a filmmaker as well as his views on today’s socio-economic environment. This will be Spike Lee’s first appearance in Canada since he won the Grand Prix du Jury at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival for his latest film, BlacKkKlansman.

At the Montreal International Black Film Festival!

Presented by Quebecor and Global News
Wednesday, Sept 26, 2018 – Imperial Cinema
7PM: VIP Meet & Greet – Cocktail | 8PM: Conference
(Gen. Admission) | $150 (VIP)

Spike Lee like you’ve never heard him before in Montreal! An intimate conference where he will discuss his journey as a filmmaker, writer, actor, and producer; his take and advice on filmmaking today – how to maximize new technology to get your film made; how he sees the future of Black films and diversity off/on screen; as well as his view on today’s socio-economic issues. A privileged moment with the legendary director of Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and BlacKkKlansman. Tickets are on sale here.
“We are delighted and honoured to have Spike Lee back at the Festival for a 3rd time, which is a testament to his great support for the MIBFF – another huge achievement for Montreal and for the Festival. Spike Lee is a pioneer and a source of inspiration and motivation for a whole generation. His commitment to independent cinema, his strength, determination, and activism in achieving social justice really make a difference in a world that, too often, tends to silence us.”Fabienne Colas, MIBFF President and Founder.
Created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation, Canada’s biggest black film festival returns for a breathtaking 14th year that promises to entertain but most importantly to inspire through thought-provoking films. MIBFF’s mission remains, as always, to give minorities a voice on and off screen and to shine the spotlight on diversity within the industry. Besides Spike Lee’s intimate talk, the program features 72 films among which some are world, international, North American, Canadian or Quebec premieres; the MIBFF Black Market space dedicated to the cinema industry and introducing the first MIBFF Kids Program.

Our absolute favourites are inspiring stories that combine cultural heritage, the struggle against injustice, and inequality with passion, determination, strength, and great feats. You won’t want to miss: OBEY, Dead Women Walking, The Foreigner’s Home, Azali (Fate), Congo – une tragédie politque, Beyond The River, The Color of Medicine, Correndo Atras (Running After), La Negrada (The Black Mexicans), Supa Modo, Time for Ilhan, United Skates, Bessie Coleman, Première Aviatrice Noire, Bigger Than Africa, Runaway, Vagabonds, The Deliverer, Accidentals, The Orphan, Bilal: A New Breed a Hero, Liyana, Buffalo Soldiers: A Quest for Freedom…

Author, composer, singer, and actor Manuel Tadros, who has enjoyed a 40-year career in Quebec, and entrepreneur, actress, and filmmaker Fabienne Colas, who was named 2018 Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, are the spokespeople for this 14th edition.
By Jamie Jones
Winner of Best Cinematography in an International Film at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival
Presented by Quebecor
Tuesday, September 25 – 7PM – Imperial Cinema | $25

The clashing of two very different worlds results in a tragic love story in the heady days leading up to dramatic social unrest. OBEY is about Leon, a nineteen-year-old boy with an alcoholic mother who has grown up in and out of care. Oppressed at home and hunted on the streets by local gangs, Leon’s existence is suffocating, and all too real. When he meets Twiggy, a beautiful blond girl living in a local squat, something stirs inside of him. He is in love for the first time and for a moment escapes the reality of his unrelenting existence. But naïve to the affluent world supporting Twiggy’s hedonistic lifestyle, Leon is unprepared when Twiggy no longer wants him around. Leon withdraws, allowing his raw and unhampered emotions to take over in the blind fight against his unjust existence with terrifying and brutal consequences. Raw and uncompromising, OBEY draws inspiration from films such as Catch Me Daddy, Fish Tank, This is England and KIDS.

By Hagar Ben-Asher
Presented by the Fabienne Colas Foundation
Sunday, September 30 – 7PM – Imperial Cinema – $20
As described by Tribeca Film Festival’s Liza Domnitz, the film is “told through nine moving vignettes, each anchored by a subtle, yet overwhelming performance, Dead Women Walking traces the final days of a series of women on death row, from two weeks before one inmate’s execution to mere minutes before another’s. As these narratives develop, the human toll of the death penalty – not only on the women convicted of violent crimes, but also on their families, prison officials, and ministers and counselors coaching them through their final days – comes into clear focus. Looming over Dead Women Walking are two questions: Why did they do it? And, more implicit and rarely asked: How does society grapple with women’s violence?”

September 30, 2018 – 1PM to 6PM – Cinéma du Parc
$12 Adult | $6 Kids (12 years and under) – Proof of age may be requested on site
The Montreal International Black Film Festival (MIBFF), created by the Fabienne Colas Foundation and presented by Quebecor, is thrilled to introduce the inaugural edition of the MIBFF Kids Program!

MISSIONMIBFF Kids Program aims to inspire and empower children through the discovery of filmmaking, animation, storytelling and more. The Festival offers kids a cool environment where they can learn, be creative, and express themselves in a fun way while being exposed to black history and black stories.

PROGRAM SUMMARY – A total of 6 animated films will be presented for this first edition:

  • Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, by Ayman Jamal, Khurram H. Alavi (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia)
  • Wireless, by Tayo Odesanya (UK)
  • Minga et la cuillère cassée, by Claye Edou (Cameroon)
  • L’arbre à Palimpseste, by Ingrid Agbo, Sacha Perrin-Bayard (France)
  • Liyana, by Aaron Kopp, Amanda Kopp (Swaziland, USA)
  • Cut Bait, by Robert Walkine (USA)

Additional Information:

-Full program and tickets: www.montrealblackfilm.com



  • VIP Card Total Access: VIP Package – See details on website: $195
  • Passport Card Access to all films at Cinéma du Parc + Cinémathèque Québécoise: $95


  • Regular film ticket: $12
  • Opening evening: $25
  • Closing evening: $20
  • Spike Lee’s conference: $35 (Reg) – $150 (VIP)
  • MIBFF Kids Program: $6 (12 years and under) – $12 (adult)

*Fees: All prices are subject to services charges and taxes 

Imperial Cinema – Centre Sandra & Leo Kolber: 1430 rue de Bleury, Montreal
Cinémathèque Québécoise: 335, boul. de Maisonneuve E., Montreal
Cinéma du Parc: 3575, av. du Parc, Montreal
L’Inis: 301, boul. de Maisonneuve E., Montreal

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