Community: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

Community attempts to laugh at two things at once. First of all, a group of misfits who attend a community college and secondly, sitcoms themselves. The shows are occasionally about the school (Greendale Community College) itself or the work the students find themselves having to do but more frequently the show takes a run at social questions like the meaning of Christmas or bullies.

But a lot of oddball human is packed into every twenty-one minutes. Speaking of oddball what else would you expect from a show about a bunch of misfits who end up at a community college and in the same study group. Over time they forge relationships and friendships that nothing can break. Despite the fact that there is no more Pierce (played by Chevy Chase) and that Troy (played by Donald Glover) leaves early on in the season the remaining cast members pick up the slack making each season up to their innovative, hilarious, smart and edgy standards. Community college has never been this fun.

Community is exactly the kind of show that television needs. It is funny, odd, non-linear, atypical and a complete breath of fresh air. Of course, this description would lead one to believe that it is a highly successful show. The show has been on critics’ best of lists several of the years it has been on air. The sad thing is that it is popular with the loyal people who watch it; it just that there is too few of them. Yes to cult favourite and no to a show that brings a network a lot of money.

It started on NBC then after five seasons it was cancelled. After being unsure of its future or if it had one Yahoo! Came to show creator Dan Harmon and offered him a sixth season. Six seasons is what the show has championed from the beginning. It was even part of an episode in season two. They wanted six seasons and a film. Well, they got the first one and there are rumours that a film is in development.

Despite worries from fans that moving from NBC might change the show it was all for nothing as the clever humour and pop culture references are still all there. Another worry was that several characters like Shirley (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) and Troy (played by Donald Glover) were no longer there, but two new ones, Frankie (played by Paget Brewster) and Elroy (played by Keith David), fill in the void nicely.

Greendale Community College is still a wild and crazy place. Dean Pelton (played by Jim Rash) leads a rather rag tag group of people looking (or are they?) for higher education. The gang, Jeff (played by Joel McHale), Britta (played by Gillian Jacobs), Annie (played by Allison Brie), Abed (played by Danny Pudi), and Chang (played by Ken Jeong), are joined by newcomers Frankie and Elroy in their meetings that aim to make the school run smoothly.  Of course, because these people are all involved, it doesn’t.

Each character is a lot of fun. Each with their own eccentricities and quirks. Diversity is the name of the game other than the uniting attribute that they are all outsiders who have come together to find one another. Shows how a community can be made when oddballs come together.

Special Features:

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