Jason Mraz – Know.

It has been fours years since his last album and it seems like that pause really refreshed the creative spirit of singer/songwriter Jason Mraz. At the beginning of his career Jason Mraz was one of the young shining stars in the American music landscape. His last two albums have definitely slowed his roll. As a result he has sort of disappeared from the charts. With his latest album Know. it is obvious he is trying to return to his glory days. Know., while not exactly what he did before, is closer to the sound from the beginning of his career than his more recent releases. The sound is rather mellow but filled with tons of catchy melodies and riffs. Lyrically he is back to wearing his geek badge proudly on his chest. Plus they are all rather sunshiney and upbeat. Will take you to your happy place while you are listening to them. Stand out songs include the first single “Might As Well Dance”, “Unlonely” and “Let’s See What the Night Brings”. Songs are the type that will grow on you with each subsequent listen and the album will be played over and over. Nothing really groundbreaking here but a nice return to form.

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