Völuspa channels Hitchcock and Twin Peaks on new video – “Miss You Too”

Following on from the critical praise she received for her debut singles ‘Wings’ and ‘Feel You’, Brooklyn-based dream pop artist Kirsten Knick aka Völuspa has now returned to deliver her next release ‘Miss You Too’ accompanied by a cinematic video, with references to Alfred Hitchcock, Twin Peaks and the occult.

Much like her work to date, ‘Miss You’ occupies that tentative bridge between ethereal ambience and a lucid dreamlike experience that aims to excite the hairs on the back of your neck.

Having cut her teeth as an artist by performing with the likes of Spiritualized and Hot Chip over the last few years, Völuspa is seen as more of a Beach House meets Lana Del Rey.

Völuspa on the new single: “Miss You Too is a rhetorical song. A psychic understanding of loss and the longing that goes with it. She misses you but there is no power lost in that because love is always found in creation and connection with something more supernatural and phenomenal than tragic loss. There is always more magic and transformation if you look for it.” The New York artist channels the femme fatale energy of Twin Peaks and classic Alfred Hitchcock films in the new video. Black and white shots and references to the occult detail the bittersweet nature of loss.

‘Miss You’ is due to be released on the September 28th via Icons Creating Evil Art.






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