America the Beautiful: National Parks Collection – Blu-ray Edition

Good narration and visuals! There are over 12 hours here showing some of the great national treasures from the vast country that is the United States. Politics has overshadowed how we think of the U.S. of late. Put that aside (as difficult as that might be) and you would have to admit that the landscapes from east to west are often breathtaking.

President at the time, Grant, signed into being the first national park in the United States way back in 1872 – Yellowstone. Many have been added since. There has always been a desire to take care of the beautiful parts of the country which contain many varieties of foliage and provide a home for different species of animals. This 10-part series gives viewers and education about and a chance to see the natural beauty involved.

Because the U.S. is such a large country the variety within the ecosystems contained in the national parks highlighted here is vast. You get to see mountain ranges, plains, canyons, seas, glaciers, and deserts. All in their own way is beautiful. We travel through and discover the Grand Canyon, the Great Smokey Mountains, the Bandlands, Death Valley, Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Everglades, and the Black Hills.

Special Features:

-National Parks: An Eagle’s View

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