The 100: The Complete Fifth Season

Fans of this series were not sure there was even going to be a season five of The 100. So this season almost seems like a gift from the Gods for them.

It is now six years after the survivors have escaped the second nuclear disaster. Bellamy’s (played by Bob Morley) and his team are in space while Clarke (played by Eliza Taylor) is still on Earth. Many are trapped in a bunker below the ground.

Now a massive prison ship is getting ready to land on the only portion of the planet which is still habitable. This means the 100 are going to have to fight for control of Earth.

The strongest trait of the series is its characters. Focus remains on the human element of this story. The other side of that coin is the acting by the cast. Strong, but especially so when it comes to Eliza Taylor. She does a fantastic job this season showing the vulnerable yet strong side of Clarke. When she is onscreen you cannot take your eyes off of her. Lina Rinna and Lola Flanery also stand out. Bottom line is that there is no weak link amongst the cast. Character dynamics and development remain a primary focus.

Featuring a storyline that is rather simple yet told in a taut, real and human way. What I find most interesting about the tale is the relationship it has forged between time and space. Makes you think about that in many instances. After the way that season four ended you would have bet the house on the fact that they could not possibly manage to shock you again. And yet they have. Crazy twists followed by insane turns. While still managing to not be too outlandish. Seems like the writers are really hitting their stride this season. The story takes a rather dark turn and yet not so much so that it will turn you off.

Leaves you salivating at the thought of what comes next for the series.

Special Features:

-The 100: The Redemption and Rebirth

-The 100: 2018 WonderCon Panel

-Gag Reel

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