Discrete – ‘Never Know’

DISCRETE, aka Augst Ramberg, blends a three-way amalgamation of reggae, electropop, and trap influences, expertly exercising the eclecticism of the three genres and making something outstanding of his own. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Dicrete’s debut single ‘WITHOUT YOU.’ wasn’t the quietest entrance to the scene – making waves with its deeply dynamic energy and intoxicating melodies featuring the silky tones of singer/songwriter Mary Cicilia, gaining acclaim from a range of tastemakers and a healthy 550k+ streams of the single, making it on to New Music Friday (Denmark), Breaking EDM/Dance (Apple Music), and The Vibe Guide (1.5 million YT subs).

Now we see the twenty-two-year-old Swede releases ‘Never Know’ – featuring Maria Mathea’s glossy -esue vocals, co-written by Dennis “Deko” Kordnejad (notable co-writer with J-Pop and K-Pop superstars EXO, EXO-CBX and The Boyz), Kirsten Joy (The Voice UK contestant and previous collaborator with Kylie Minogue, Paloma Faith, Clean Bandit and more), HanifHitmanic’ Sabzebari and Georgie Dennis. The impressive credits on the single reflects heavily though the crystalline crisp production, potent vocal melodies, and the flawless execution of Discrete’s mélange of genres.

Here’s what Discrete had to say about the track:

Our first idea behind the track was to mash up different genres and see how we could make them fit together – we took reggae influences and layered them on trap arrangements and ideas. I think it’s important to try and push boundaries of genres, otherwise music doesn’t progress. Kirsten Joy and George Dennis wrote an amazing topline and lyrics, while it almost goes without saying how much Maria Mathea killed it delivering the vocals.

Apart from Discrete’s stunning pop writing techniques, the youthful artist has a lot more to offer. Since Discrete started working in the music industry, he has been working with the globally renowned and award-winning publishing company and production/writing team HIT MANIC, most known for their massive domination in Asia (major releases with EXO, EXO-CBX, TVXQ etc) but also huge presence in the urban, Latin, EDM, and pop worlds.

The creative urge in Discrete is not something new, who grew up in a family with two artistic parents, naturally carving the path for Discrete to follow. He states: “My goal with Discrete is to create a trademark which will be a platform for whatever it wants to be, not only music. Just a creative output which happens to include and involve my music.”


‘Discrete’ (ft. Maria Mathea) will be released everywhere via from 16th November 2018.





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