Dear Pressure – “Stories”

To us, “stories” feels like looking at the city’s skyline on a late night, alone and wondering about what’s coming next for you.

It makes sense – we were in our last year of college and there was a deep anticipation for inevitable farewells and imagined reunions.


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Made on separate computers in separate rooms over the course of a year, this song unfolded in a glacially slow manner. we finally ended up completing the song on the other side of finishing college.

Putting it out feels like a cathartic summation of all the experiences we had;

Skipping classes, falling in and out of love, and figuring out our place in the scene.

We’re heading into 2019 with plans for the release of our debut EP; a few songs that follow the same stream of consciousness as “stories,” except just a little darker and more cynical.


Thanks for hearing our “stories.” we can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on.

photo credits: phil garstka

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