Queerment Quebec @ image+nation

A series of shorts with a queer element to them that showcase some great local filmmaking talent. All quite different. All displaying potential.

Amies by Marie Davignon:

Amelie is back from a long trip and wants to reconnect with her friends Maude and Pascale. They plan to go to a cottage for a bonding experience, but the rivalry between Amelie and Pascale puts things on a much darker path.


Danser sur les Os by Danika Vermette:

Eli tells Zoe that she has to go. She then leaves her boyfriend of two years telling him she’s better when she’s with Zoe. Has to get away to discover the wild woman inside.


Is Your Teen a Homosexual? by Tamara Scherbak:

Done in the style of teen educational films of the 50s, Johnny comes out to his family. What happens next is absolutely hilarious.


L’appetit de Garcons by Raphael Massicotte:

A daddy, a twink, a bear and a hunk end up in cottages next door to each other. Let the games begin.


La Pornographe by Gabrielle Demers:

It is the fall of 1970 and an all-female film crew set about making a movie. A soft porn to be more exact. The director, Jane, has a crush on her young ingenue. Soon there is a struggle between film maker and actress.


Reach for the Sky by Daniel Sterlin-Altman:

A six minute short with no dialogue. Stop motion with plenty of yarn. Three queer friends are out on the open road when they come upon a fork in the road.


Silvia Dans les Vagues by Giovanna Olmos:

An interesting look at death, memory, identity, grief, and memory.


Rosie by Gail Maurice:

A young indigenous girl has just suffered through the death of her mother. She ends up living with her less than thrilled about the whole situation aunt, who is a francophone who lives in Montreal. An adjustment will have to be made by everyone.

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