Tales From the Hood 2 – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Just when I feel like I have seen the worst film I have ever watched another one comes that takes the crown. Now, you might think this is a lot of whining from someone who has the privilege (and I still see it as such) to see a lot of films for free. Lots are good, an example of the potential of this art form, while others just make you shake your head. You wonder how they got made. How money was spent on them? How they were even released? Lots of hows…

Tales From the Hood 2 is one of those types of films. Directed by Rusty Condieff (Tales From the Hood) and Darin Scott (Deep Blue Sea 2, Dark House), both pretty experienced directors. This will certainly not be one of the sparkling moments on their resume. Actually, if it was me, I would see about removing it from the list under my name on IMDb.

It follows the same format of the first installment (which I have not seen and after seeing this one I am not exactly eager to do so) with several short tales making the collective whole. The original though I am sure is not cinematic gold the first film has gone on to be considered a cult classic. The second will not be regarded so highly, I am sure.

A melange of humour and horror, the stories cover topics like greed, pride, lust, and politics. Those seemingly interesting and involved subjects are told via demonic dolls, psychics who find themselves possessed, vixens who seek revenge, and ghosts from history.

This film made its premiere at the 22nd edition of the Montreal Fantasia film festival. Not one of their bright moments. Another esteemed institution involved with the film is Spike Lee. He acted as an executive producer on the film. Again, something that he won’t point out on his CV.

Actor Keith David (The Princess and the Frog, Armageddon) serves ast the master of ceremonies here playing the character Portifoy Simms, who is a link between all the stories. The stories are all pretty awful with terrible writing and hammy acting.

They actually try to make the link between the short tales a socially lit one. Basically it is that Trump is evil and that America is in a bad way. Even those who agree with that will have a hard time, if not impossible one, enjoying what they see here.

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