Toronto Tabla Ensemble – Bhumika

Led by tabla master Ritesh Das, the Toronto Tabla Ensemble (TTE) has released a new album entitled Bhumika, a Sanskrit word meaning Earth. Throughout their existence they have made it their goal to try and spread what Indian classical music is all about. Around since 1991, TTE has performed all over the world. The first single off of their sixth album Bhumika, “Faceoff”, shows how the ensemble has managed to meld traditional Indian music with more modern sounds. It is an ode to two men who influenced Das greatly, his brother Acharya Chitresh Das and Maestro Swapan Chaudhuri. Traditional Indian instruments like tabla, mridangam and ghatam are used throughout and special guests bring their own instruments like drum kit, violin, Chinese zheng, and flute into the mix adapting their playing style to the Indian way. It all adds up to a rather unique sound.

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