White Boy Rick – Blu-ray Edition

Movie is a compelling representation based on a true story of a teenager who was hired by the FBI and later charged for the sale of drugs.

As a whole, this movie was extremely well cast. All the actors did not disappoint. Watch out for Richie Merritt. In his debut film he is cast as the starring role. Mark my words: this kid is going places. Whether he decides to continue acting or move on to other things I will be rooting for him. He did an amazing job as Ricky Wershe Jr. His presence is believable and contains the authenticity of a seasoned actor.

My Texas heart swells with pride when I see how far Matthew McConaughey has come since Dazed & Confused. Instead of sticking to the rom-com circuit or being type-cast as a beach bum McConaughey is continuously stretching his reach as an actor with roles in films such as Dallas Buyers Club and this film.

Don’t leave the moment you think the film is over. The film ends with actual audio of Richard Wershe Jr. speaking about his time in jail.  This movie will leave you asking yourself questions about the American justice system and suitable punishment for drug dealing and traffiking.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • 6 Deleted Scenes
  • Featurettes:
    • “The Unknown True Story of Rick Wershe Jr.”
    • “The Three Tribes of Detroit: The Cast”
    • “The Making of White Boy Rick”
  • Feature Trivia Track

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