An Interview with God

Taking on certain roles takes a lot of balls on the part of an actor/actress. Probably at the top of the list is that of God. David Strathairn obviously has what it takes. Not only does he undertake the role but he does so with such gusto that you think he is either mentally unwell or a true actor. The latter seems to make more sense.

Most Christian films tend to make everyone cringe. They are usually underfunded and awful. That being said, this one is not a great film and maybe not even a good one, but it is not an embarrassment.

American journalist Paul Asher (played by Brendon Thwaites) is back from Afghanistan. Time marched on while he was away and things have changed. Things like his marriage. It seems to be falling apart before his very eyes. Wrongs have been committed and his faith is waivering. While his life is melting away he gets a call to interview a man who claims to be God. A Christian, this intrigues Paul. The timing is odd as he is questioning whether he ever really believed in God. The ensuing three day interview with involve Paul questioning faith, belief and the existence of miracles.

Ambitious in that it extrapolates a conversation between two men, one who claims to be God, and involves the investigation of scripture. All this without becoming dull as watching paint dry. Without being too scholarly. It is mean to appeal to both Christians and non-believers alike.

Special Features:

-Special Discussion: Key Themes & Questions


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