Pope Francis: A Man of His Word – Blu-ray Edition

At this time of year it seems fitting that we review a docmentary about the man who leads the Catholic world. Pope Francis, the first leader of the Catholic world to be born in the Americas and Argentina, is not your typical type of pope. A lot more progressive than those who came before him. He has spoken out strongly against the imbalance of wealth in the world and Catholic priests who have sexually abused children. Not areas of conversation previous popes have delved into.

Unlike what you might expect from a documentary about the man. It is not really a story about him rather it invites you on a journey with him. Listen to him speak about subjects which are important to him. Hear him speak about wealth and the lack thereof, social justice and even the environment.

Born as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, he went on to become a Jesuit priest and is now known as Pope Francis. He is the first to take on that name. Demonstrating himself to be a man who lives what he preaches, Pope Francis has earned the trust of many around the world. Not a small feat.

The tone of it all is very conversational. Yes, he did get the questions ahead of time but there were no scripted answers or teleprompters used. Pope Francis just speaks freely and his mind over the course of the four interviews involved in the making of the film. The questions were sent in from different people all over the world.

We also follow him on his crazy schedule all around the globe. As he speaks to and answers questions directed to him from children. As he speaks to people in the Phillipines who had just suffered the effects of a typhoon. As he addresses the United Nations and then the U.S. Congress.

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