Hard Rubber Orchestra featuring Norma Winstone – Kenny Wheeler: Suite for Hard Rubber Orchestra

This release is sadly the last large work by Canadian jazz composer and trumpet player Kenny Wheeler. It features his longtime collaborator and singer Norma Winstone. The jazz ensemble providing the music is Hard Rubber Orchestra from Vancouver. It is the fourth album for the 18-member Hard Rubber Orchestra. They got together in 1990 led by composer John Korsrud.

Kenny Wheeler died in 2014. This collection of music previously had not been recorded so it is like a lovely parting gift for his fans. Korsrud contacted Wheeler in 2013 and got him to write this music especially for Hard Rubber Orchestra. The result was five movements and then they added in a trio of improvisations. Fans will recognize plenty of what they loved about the man’s music. It is at times dark yet always flows. Always poignant. Clear and yet layered. Melodies that seem to have floated down from the clouds. Wrapped all up by Winstone’s ethereal voice.

Track List:

  1. Movement I (feat. Norma Winstone)
  2. Improvisation I
  3. Movement II (feat. Norma Winstone)
  4. Movement III (feat. Norma Winstone)
  5. Improvisation II
  6. Movement IV (feat. Norma Winstone)
  7. Improvisation III
  8. Movement V (feat. Norma Winstone)

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