Here and Now

Not sure if this was meant to be a film or a tourist video for New York City. What I mean is that Sarah Jessica Parker spends a lot of the film just aimlessly walking around the streets of New York. Perplexing. How is this a film? Dull as dishwater.

At different points I wanted to give up (but didn’t mostly because I was working). The halfway mark felt like an hour even though it was only 45 minutes. Moved along like a snail. No sense of pacing whatsoever. To qualify that assertion, I am a fan of British period pieces, so I can tolerate and even love a slow pace. This was something else altogether. It was like an experiment. Or participating in one. As the film went on you kept thinking something was going to happen. But it never does.

Threadbare story is as such: Vivienne (Sarah Jessica Parker – from television’s Sex and the City) is a jazz singer who lives in New York City. Her life is completely changed when she finds out she has terminal brain cancer. To deal with it, she tells no one. We spend the next 24 hours with her as she moves about the city.

Too bad about the lack of story and execution because a fairly strong cast is wasted. Even after enduring the time of the film, which thankfully is only 91 minutes, you get to the end of it and are still hopeful that you will leave with something worthwhile. No! Not even! You pretty much get nothing. No real ending. No resolution to speak of. Credits begin and your anger builds even more. Can’t even imagine that Sarah Jessica Parker fans will be happy with Here and Now.

Special Features:

-Preview of The Intervention

-A Diagnosis of the Story

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