Kakkmaddafakka – ‘Runaway Girl’

Following from their well-received 2017 album ‘Hus’, Norwegian indie-rock outfitKAKKMADDAFAKKA look to return to their most honest and intimate roots with the unveiling of their latest single ‘Runaway Girl’, lifted from the band’s forthcoming fifth studio LP, and arriving on the 25th January via Bergen Mafia Records, while also embarking on their extensive European Tour.

Releasing back-to-back albums in 2016 and 2017, the band took the opportunity to spend the majority of this year on the road, gathering inspiration and influence at every turn. Following the humble, mellowed affair of previous single ‘Naked Blue’, with the fifth full-length on the way, the six-piece take a second swoop toward the release with ‘Runaway Girl’.

‘Runaway Girl’ feels more impassioned than the previous single; featuring twisting instrumentation that forms into exquisite shapes, bending and shimmering, while synth-driven instrumentation climaxes to stratospheres of plucky guitar parts and the hypnotic glimmer of the central riff.

With striking comparisons to the swooning nature of The War On Drugs, ‘Runaway Girl’ manages to hold on to their core sound, while keeping the energy and momentum high throughout. Produced by Matias Tellez (Young Dreams), its wistful yet potent production keeps the track on a consistent and driven path, allowing the group to find a focused and cohesive sound in the process.

Frontman Axel Vindenes expands on the themes of the outfit’s new single towards the new LP release; “’Runaway Girl’ is the story of forbidden love, how some people feed off playing with others’ emotions”

‘Runaway Girl’ previews the band’s upcoming fifth album, set for release on the 22ndMarch 2019 on Bergen Mafia Records. The sextet (Axel Vindenes, Pål Vindenes, Stian Sævig, Kristoffer Wie van der Pas, Lars Helmik Raaheim-Olsen, Sebastian Kittelsen) says the album’s themes include “relationships, tales from Bergen and mental health. I guess this is the most intimate Kakkmaddafakka album and the most honest album we have ever done”.


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