Kidding: Season One

Jim Carrey has moved from the big screen to the small screen with the Showtime series Kidding. His first time on television since sketch show In Living Color, almost 30 years ago. This was season one for the show, an important or even vital one for television series. One which you establish yourself with watchers and show people what type of show you are. For most of his career Carrey has been a comedic actor with a couple of ventures into the drama arena with films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Number 23 and Simon Birch. This time out he is involved in something that is a mix of comedy and drama. You will find yourself laughing as much as you are moved by what is going on.

Carrey plays Jeff, an famous actor on a kid’s television series, has made his living as Mr. Pickles. Mr. Pickles is seen as a positive influence for young people with his warm and kind demeanour. His career has been successful for a long time. As for his home life, it is a completely different situation. His real family is falling apart.

Watching this series can almost be therapeutic. Real and touching. Watching someone who has been billed as a positive role model for kids having to deal with his personal life crashing and burning is compelling. Jeff reacts to this in a very human way. Not like his television persona would. As it goes on you get more and more invested in what is happening and want to see it up to resolution…if there is going to be one.

Though some might have doubted the casting of Jim Carrey in the lead role, he proves them wrong. He is extremely strong in the series. Truly warranting all the positivity that has come his way from critics and fans. His Jeff/Mr. Pickles is lovable and relatable. Perfectly suited for dark comedy along with his castmates Catherine Keener, Frank Langella and Judy Greer. A reminder out there for all the doubters that Jim Carrey is a good actor.

Special Features:

-Meet Mr. Pickles

-Meet the Pickles Family

-Shooting Shaina’s Sequence

-How Kidding Come to Be

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