Shimmer and Shine: Flight of the Zharacorns

For its sixth DVD release, Nickelodeon’s Shimmer and Shine are back with one that focuses on the Zharacorns. A show about genies in training which brings viewers (usually of the young variety) along with them on their adventures through the clouds and even rainbows. Each episodes includes fun, colour and lessons to be learnt.

Seven episodes are included here – Welcome to Zahramay Skies: Shimmer, Shine and Leah voyage to the always fun Zahramay Skies in order to meet the Stardust Princess and be introduced to her magical powers.

Pets to the Rescue: Another visit to the Zahramay Skies where this time the girls learn that their pets have wings and the ability to fly.

The Zahra-Star: Shimmer and Zahrora’s gems are inhabited by the magic of Zahra-star. In order for the Zahracorns to get home, Shimme, Shine and Leah must return the magic to the star.

Rainbows to the Rescue: Zeta uses a potion in order to halt all the stars in the Zahramay Skies from flying. This ends up putting a stop to all flight magic.

Zahracorn Tickles: Shimmer, Shine and Leah are taking part in the Zahracorn race and Zeta finds out. Zeta now goes about obtaining a Zahracorn so she too can join the race.

The Zahracorn Salon: The girls bring Adara’s Zahracorn to the salon. The Zahracorn is frightened and flies away so they have to now find her.

The Dragon Zahracorn: Shane who is a Cloud Genie is joined by Shimmer, Shine and Leah to find a mythical creature. While following the clues they get caught between two moving landmasses and Shaun is filled with worry.


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