Happy Death Day 2U

The first Happy Death Day was a surprise to many. Though fans of gore were probably unsatisfied those into flair and intelligence went home happy. Happy Death Day 2UΒ  continues along with more higher calibre horror. Relying upon tribes like jumps and shock rather than violence and blood, it is just as enjoyable as the first one. To give it a little twist though, this one moves slightly towards sci fi. Though to be completely honest Happy Death Day was never really a horror film, rather a genre unto itself.

Bravo to director and screenwriter Christopher Landon, who also directed the first one, for not going the easy route and just redoing the first one. Able to change things up while at the same time keeping fans of the first happy is a tricky thing. It is accomplished here. There is a whole other geeky level of science going on here which should attract different eyes this time around.

Deja-vu happens here as Tree’s (played by Jessica Rothe) boyfriend Carter’s (played by Israel Brousard) rooomate Ryan (played by Phi Vu) finds himself trapped in the same time loop as Tree underwent. It ends the same way with him dying only to have things begin again.

In an effort to go back to a normal life, Ryan aided by Tree, Carter and two fellow science students try to figure things out. Their idea is to use the science that broke time against itself. While trying to crack the code they wage a war against time and a new killer.

Part Groundhog Day and part Back to the Future this is a film with scares that also wears its big heart on its sleeve. Instead of feeding into the whole troll or mean girls type behaviour which seems to be en vogue today, it is all about being kind. An odd juxtaposition against the body count that happens. But one that works. Maybe it works because even though there is a number of bodies you never really see very much violence.

Bravos should be heaped on lead girl Jessica Rothe as she once again shows how highly watchable an actress she is. Equally adept at drama as she is with humour. Surely she will break out of this film series to find success elsewhere.

This is a sequel so it will never feel as fresh as the first time around, but it is still a worthwhile watch.

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