Two Upcoming Comedy Specials – Henry Rollins on Trump, RuPaul, women rulers; Finesse Mitchell on “adult-ing”

Showtime has two new comedy specials coming up that should be on your radar. Both are big comedy names in stand-up/show host/actor/singer Henry Rollins and actor/stand-up/author Finesse Mitchell. Both can be seen on the station’s regular schedule and on demand. Check out both on

Tuesday (2/19), SNL alum Finesse Mitchell releases ‘The Spirit Told Me To Tell You’. From L.A. life and staying out of the club to juggling the non-stop demands of marriage, fatherhood, and “adult-ing,” the special proves why Finesse is such a triple threat (actor, comic, and author of books like ‘Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much: A Brother’s Take on Dating and Mating for Sistas,’ a womens’ advice book).

‘Keep Talking, Pal,’ Henry Rollins’ new comedy special, was just released on the Comedy Dynamics Network (CDN), available wherever you watch comedy. A cross between stand-up and high-speed spoken word, Henry sounds off on why women should rule, Trump, getting lunch with his good friend RuPaul, and more with intellect and hilarity in equal measure.


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