A Conversation with Harry Manx – Part 1

Very few artists can successfully mix two different music styles. Harry Manx does that and more. Over the course of his seven albums, Manx has combined Eastern and Western music to make his own unique sound. He uses the melodies of Indian music and the storytelling of blues to make music that is tangible and transcendent at the same time. Born in the U.K., spending his childhood in Canada and then leaving in his teens to travel through India, Brazil, Japan, and Europe, he and his music have become citizens of the world.

If you go to see Manx for the first time live you will be mesmerized by the guitar/sitar hybrid that he plays. It involves 20 strings and he plays it upon his lap like a slide guitar. He will also occasionally pick up the harmonica, banjo, steel guitar, drums and play them.

Whatever instrument he chooses to play the sounds and beats he creates are addictive from first listen. His goal is to draw people into the music he is playing, so allow yourself to be lost in it.

We had a chance to speak to the musician recently and here is the first part of that interview:



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