Finesse Mitchell: The Spirit Told Me to Tell You

SNL alum Finesse Mitchell has an hour long special that was shot at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California which is now airing on Showtime. Bottom line is the guy is funny. The most important attribute for a stand-up comedian, no? What else can I say about him and the show, you ask? Plenty.

His best quality as a comedian is timing. His is impeccable. Whether he is just using words or his body to tell a joke the guy is always on. He also is good at keeping things moving. No lagging in his set. Moving quickly and seamlessly from one bit to another. Makes everything he is doing on stage feel like an off the cuff conversation. Nothing that he tries does not work. All the laughs land.

Subjects are wide and varied. Proving that he can make almost anything funny. Plus his bits all link from one to the next. It is like listening to a natural conversation. From moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles and thinking he had made it and life was not too hard or expensive in the city of angels to the realization that he was living in a bad neighbourhood shows his timing skills and intelligence. He then moves on to make you laugh with a whole bit about being in your 40s and still going to the clubs, how twerking was called booty shake in his day, how single friends make marriage difficult, moving on to how as a new father he is learning he is good at skills he didn’t know he had like swaddling, and then finally how as you get older it gets tougher to deal with your parents. All consistently funny.

Rarely does he deal with political humour (not that that is bad thing), but even he briefly muses about how much better Americans had it under Obama. Says “Anyone who make you feel like you can be the President, they f*$king up.” Shots fired at Trump. Continues on by saying that he misses Obama for a slew of reasons. No scandals. No side chicks. Trump had about 19 going in to being the President. More shots! Though he does not follow politics too closely because it is depressing, he revels in the fact that he knows more about California politics than his father like the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was formerly the governor and not Sylvester Stallone. Laughs that this is probably because his father records the news and only watches it a long time after. Not really understanding the concept.

Click on this link to find out when the comedy special is airing on Showtime or to stream it.

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